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Opinion Editor’s Note, adjustment from previous article

Joel Goode, Opinion Editor

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Last week, I published an article on the League of Student Voters (LoSV). Unfortunately, I made some errors in the piece, so I would like to take this opportunity to correct those mistakes.  

First, the article stated that LoSV meets every Wednesday. This was incorrect; LoSV meets on the first Wednesday of every month in room 102 of the student center at 5:00 p.m. The group has confirmed reservations for March 1st, April 5th, and May 3rd of this year.

Second, and somewhat centrally, the daily digest did not advertise Student’s 4 Bernie’s first meeting. However, the meeting that was advertised in the digest did have a record turnout, as stated in the article, which brought visibility to the group. Roughly twice as many participants attended as an average meeting.

Third, Mari Ponder, the president of LoSV, did not have e-mail exchanges with the University of South Alabama’s staff attorneys; rather, she spoke with Brigette Soderlind, associate director of student organizations and leadership at USA. Ms. Ponder clarified that she did meet with the staff attorneys on February 26th of last year, but the political policy surrounding use of the daily digest was made independent of S4B, and the meeting was largely organized to clarify what the policy was. Ponder emphasizes that Student Activities has been supportive of both S4B and LoSV.

Finally, Sherry Graham is not a member of LoSV. Ms. Graham is a representative of the South Alabama Mental Wellness Conference, and she has been invited by the LoSV to give an informative lecture to the group on issues surrounding mental wellness.

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Opinion Editor’s Note, adjustment from previous article