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Faculty Senate talks sustainability

Krisha Amin, Life Editor

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The Faculty Senate met at the Faculty Clubhouse for their monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 22 to discuss the upcoming agenda and policy changes at the University of South Alabama.

The guest speakers at the March meeting were Dr. Glen Borchert, USA biology professor and Dr. Glen Marshall, USA sociology professor. They spoke on behalf of the USA Sustainability Committee.

“We are, this year, getting much more serious and much more effective about ruling out all kinds of recycling opportunities that haven’t been here before, from new signs going up to new bins,” Marshall said.

The sustainability council has not gotten full campus coverage. They are expecting that by the end of this semester and, if not, definitely at the end of the summer to have full coverage.

Every hallway and building on campus will have bins that will take almost anything, including glass, plastic, cardboard, etc., that one chooses to throw in there. Desk side recycling is also a project that the sustainability committee is pursuing.

In order to implement this project, Marshall and Borchert encouraged fellow faculty members to become BRCs, Building Recycling Champions, on campus.

“Being a champion means to be our eyes and ears on that section for the hallway,” Marshall said.

BRCs will essentially ensure that recycling is being picked up on their designated hallway and section.

Todd Culp, USA facilities services manager, is working with the housing staff to ensure that the recyclables are getting picked up at a certain time and place.

“The single biggest champion of recycling on this campus is Todd Culp, who is in charge of housekeeping,” Marshall said.

Senate elections are scheduled to take place at the next faculty senate meeting on April 9.

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Faculty Senate talks sustainability