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Spectrum to host second chance pride prom

Richard Narramore, Reporter

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Spectrum will host Pride Prom, a second chance for all students to experience prom, at the Student Center Terrace on Saturday, April 22 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 for non-Spectrum members at the door.

Spectrum helps provide a safe environment for LGBT+ students. The organization also welcomes allies, those that do not identify as LGBT+ but want to be involved.

The event is a second chance for  LGBT+ students, as well as other students, to experience prom. Spectrum encourages all students to come and enjoy themselves.

“It is a medium for getting out of your comfort zone,” Jamie Robinson, USA Spectrum president said.“Pride Prom is a really good event to have fun at. The closest thing to a prom as possible but still keep it college.”

Pride Prom is a staple event for the Spectrum organization. “I know it has brought joy to many people in the past, “ Robinson said. “The event has always had steady turnout.”

Spectrum encourages students to come regardless of whether they have a date or not.

“Bring yourself or just come with friends,” Robinson said.

Robinson hopes Chick-fil-a will cater the event. Spectrum plans to provide seven different to flavors of punch, in representation of the LBGT pride flag.

Robinson and many of his friends are putting a lot of things together for the event and are excited for this years Pride Prom.

It will have “good music, fun people and games,” Robinson said.

The theme of the Pride Prom, voted on by Spectrum members, is Black and Gold. Robinson encourages people to wear their best outfits and to come up with crazy ideas.

“The more outlandish the better,” he said.

Robinson also said that there will be Prom Royalty at the event. Instead of having a queen or king, Spectrum opted for gender neutral titles.

Spectrum welcomes students to join and attend their weekly meetings. In order to protect the safety of its members, Spectrum asked that meeting times and location not be shared. To get information, you can follow Spectrum on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach out to Spectrum via email by visiting Student Services in the Student Center.

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Spectrum to host second chance pride prom