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Swaggerty shows inspiring summer dedication
Travis Swaggerty bats against Mississippi State. Photo courtesy of

Travis Swaggerty bats against Mississippi State. Photo courtesy of

Travis Swaggerty bats against Mississippi State. Photo courtesy of

Ryann Guy, Sports Reporter

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Summer baseball is hot, especially in the state of Alabama. Some of South’s baseball players on summer league teams traveled north for the season for a respite from the heat. Soon-to-be junior Travis Swaggerty has been up and down the East Coast continuing his passion for baseball, but found a temporary home wearing a different USA jersey.

After receiving first-team All-Sun Belt Conference honors, Swaggerty went on to continue his love for the game with a summer league in Cape Cod. He was signed to play for them when he began his sophomore year. During the season, Swaggerty was recruited to play for the USA National Baseball Collegiate Team a program that plays against other teams from Cuba and Chinese Taipei.

Taking his off season to continue playing speaks for who Swaggerty is as a player.

“What motivates me to play every day is the possibility of making it to the top,” said Swaggerty. “Everyone in the workforce that wants a promotion has to work harder and harder every day to get that recognition that they want, so that’s what I try to do.”

He explained there is always room for improvement, proving his limitless dedication to a successful career. Swaggerty is not the type to accept failure and he makes that clear.

“I’ve always had the mindset that I won’t be denied in accomplishing what I want,” Swaggerty said, talking about one day making it to the MLB.

This season for South Alabama, Swaggerty ranked second at the plate with .356 batting average and an on-base percentage of .484. He is tied for first with 78 hits for the 2017 season with 12 doubles, a triple, and 11 homeruns. Swaggerty managed 60 RBI’s and has a .571 slugging percent, the highest on the team. His work in the box is just as good in the field. He had 152 catches and 145 putouts. His performance proves that this soon-to-be junior is a dangerous player to his competition.

Not only do his statistics lead, but he does as well. Swaggerty does not see himself from past seasons as a vocal leader because of his status as an underclassmen. He respects the older teammates and understands his role on the team. Swaggerty’s ways of leading are through his attitude and actions.

“What I try to do is lead by example because I know other guys watch what I do, just like I do to them,” Swaggerty said. “Doing the right thing and creating a standard for our program role as a leader.”

However, he believes next season, will be different for him as a junior.

“I’ll have to be a little more vocal to lead. We have so many guys who are leaders on our team, especially the guys in my class coming off of two years of playing at a high level, Swaggerty said. “We will all do our part to create a standard and have the team ready and where it needs to be to make a big push next year.”

Swaggerty commented on how different it is to play on both teams.

There is, without a doubt, a connection made when playing for a team according to fellow teammate, Thomas Huston. They both agree that South Alabama’s baseball team is known to have a strong bond that radiates throughout their program.  They believe this relationship they have built is part of what makes them who they are. This past season, that team was a Sun Belt Conference champion.

“When you play with the same guys for two years, you have so much more experience with each other and you are much more comfortable,” Swaggerty continued. “You are more prepared to pick someone up when they need you.”

Swaggerty continued about how the guys on his summer league team are all very humbled to be there which creates an easy-going atmosphere where he says is easy to create enough of a bond to play well together.

Being that he is a young player, competing at this level shows how talented Swaggerty is and how much potential he has for a future as a professional. South Alabama’s baseball program will benefit from Swaggerty’s diligence and dedication during the summer to his talent.

To find out when and where you can attend Swaggerty’s summer league games, check out the South Alabama Jaguar’s webpage for their schedule and tickets.

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Swaggerty shows inspiring summer dedication