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Proverbial College Student: Summer in Mobile

Richard Narramore, Copy Editor

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It is now July in Mobile. Which means for many college students, we are not only stressed and broke, but now we are stressed, broke and very sweaty.

This is my first summer in the overbearing humidity that is Mobile, and I can say that there are few stark differences to my fall and spring experiences. That being said, I now know I have taken for granted the slow pace of fall/spring semester.

Instead of going home and leeching all the money and food off my parents before fall came back around, I decided to place shallow roots and take up a job here over the summer. That was wrong.

In my initial dreams, this adult-embarkment I had wanted to set out on sounded grand. I envisioned more free time, pool parties with friends, less stress and more money in my pocket.

It is quite the contrary, however.

Like one of those videos where someone is stumbling on a treadmill, I am stumbling through summer.

Everything seems geared toward preparation for the upcoming semesters: taking a class to catch back up, filling a prerequisite for another, saving up money for tuition and books, scrambling to get internships under your belt for when you graduate.

My summer feels like a squirrel preparing for the long harsh winter that is college.

Except that the mass storage of goods is not food. In fact, my fridge remains more empty now than it ever was during the school year. The contents of my fridge include: a gallon of milk with a dubious expiration date, a half loaf of bread with no sandwich meat, and my roommate’s leftover take out food, which remains the biggest temptress of my life.

Also, a pro-survival tip: there are less functions with free food during the summer. The Humanities courtyard and the student center were once beacons of hope, offering student baked goods to refuel from class to class. There is no refuel station from work shift to work shift. I never thought I would miss the people who hand out unwanted phamlets so much.

You will also notice the barren campus over the summer, whose finest amenity turns out to be easy parking. It turns out that many students do go home over the summer, leaving the rest of us here to fend for ourselves.

If you thought Marx Library during finals week looked desperate, you should see summer college students. There is more crammed into less.

For starters, imagine three months of class in only four weeks. For an imagery equivalent, picture placing your foot into a shoe two sizes too small. Yes, the pain and discomfort are also part of this summer experience.


Such is the American dream,

Your Proverbial College Student

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One Response to “Proverbial College Student: Summer in Mobile”

  1. Sonya Narramore on July 3rd, 2017 9:11 pm

    I feel happily educated on summer survival in CollegeVille.. Outstanding lighthearted read


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Proverbial College Student: Summer in Mobile