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Healthy living in college

Living an active lifestyle is one of the simplest ways
for a college student to maintain good health.

Living an active lifestyle is one of the simplest ways for a college student to maintain good health.

Jake Cannon

Jake Cannon

Living an active lifestyle is one of the simplest ways for a college student to maintain good health.

Ryann Guy, Sports Reporter

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As the beginning of another school year approaches, many students take the opportunity to reorganize their lives. Whether you are switching your major or improving your lifestyle, change can be intimidating. If you are looking for some helpful hints on how to hone in on a healthier lifestyle, look no further.  These suggestions will help you break down your situation by adjusting your attitude, finding a purpose, and creating a plan.  


The most crucial aspect of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with your mind. To acquire a healthy lifestyle, you need a  healthy. Getting through mental blocks during this healthy lifestyle expedition will be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. This is due to changes occurring in your body. Not only will there be mental and physical changes, there are chemical changes being endured during this process as well. Mental preparation will ensure a strong-willed mind that wants to get better.  After following these guidelines for beginning your healthy lifestyle, you will be prepared for what is to come. Your attitude will be what gets you through your journey. When your mind is strong, you will become physically strong.


When going through a lifestyle change, it is easy to become overwhelmed or lost. Understanding your purpose is the best way to avoid getting off track. Documenting the start of the process can help gauge your progress throughout your journey. Common documentations of progression are full body pictures. This is part of setting up steps or goals along the way can be motivation to keep going and remind you where or why you started. Being able to achieve milestones along the way is reassuring and will help create your purpose. If there is ever a time you begin to stray from your goals or are feeling unmotivated, the best way to understand your purpose again is to ask yourself why you started. Then you can ask yourself what keeps you going. Finally, what you want to get out of this experience is another question to remind you of your goals. Now you know the reason you began, why you keep going, and what your goal is.


Many want an instant answer that will be the cure to fix all your bad habits and lifestyle choices. Depending on how you responds to different changes being made like its response to food and exercise, accommodations have to be made to fit your body’s needs. This part of the planning can be a chance to learn how your body works.  If you want enhance your physique, come up with a long-term time frame with short-term goals spread throughout.


Most hate it, however, dieting is crucial for a healthy lifestyle because food is the body’s fuel. Although dieting does not sound enjoyable to some, it can be a fun. This is another way of understanding your body, how it responds to food, as well as your creativity in the kitchen (or the menu.) Luckily, when you are beginning your healthy lifestyle journey, it is best to ease into your adjustments rather than giving up everything all at once. Just like you would wean a kitten off milk, the human body responds best when you slowly take things out of your diet. You can count your calories if you prefer, but it is not necessary. Simply understanding what foods you should be eating and making better decisions is a great way to start. As a college student, it can be difficult to cook a meal three times a day. Fortunately, there are ways to still go to your local fast food place and not feel bad for cheating on your diet. Almost every fast food restaurant has a healthy menu option. Little changes like eating a grilled chicken sandwich instead of fried will improve your diet and overall well being. Try eating strictly during the week and letting yourself indulge in restaurant foods and cheat meals during the weekends. Remember, one of the greatest sources available to anyone working on themselves is the internet and is available at any time. Another way to keep track of your diet that will make you think twice about what you eat is writing down everything you put in your mouth, food and beverages. Also, there are apps for your phone you can utilize to keep track of your progress for you like, LIFESUM, Rise Up, or My Diet Coach. No matter how strict you wish to keep your diet, there are many useful ways to help you stay on track and keep progressing.


Whether you are lifting weights in the gym, running miles, or riding bikes, exercising is a healthy way to keep up a better lifestyle. It is best to find an activity that you enjoy the most so that you can stay motivated. When exercising is enjoyable and not a dreaded task, it is much easier to accomplish goals from day to day. Exercise is something that needs to be regulated as well. Starting out doing your activity a few times a week will help your body as it recovers. To continuously see improvements, switching up exercises from week to week will confuse your muscles and help your muscles grow more efficiently.


Achieving balance will take time after learning how your body works. After you have tweaked a plan specific to what your body responds to and what you enjoy, you can achieve balance in your life by making a schedule so that you can work on all areas of your healthy lifestyle throughout the week. To avoid damaging your body, there should not be many drastic changes all at once. It is best to slowly take out things and replace them with what you best respond to. Therefore, it is important to have balance in your mind, diet, and exercise are all something that takes time to achieve but can be worked on using this guide.


Achieving a healthy lifestyle can be an intimidating change that you may not know how to approach. With a guide to get you through your journey, you can achieve your goals following a plan designed to your specific needs. Depending your body’s response to your actions and how you enjoy different activities, your healthy lifestyle plan can be altered throughout your experience. Eventually, after learning your body, balance of a new healthy lifestyle can be achieved. Once you are able to trust the process, and stay motivated, you will be amazed at what you can achieve by adjusting your mind and focusing on achieving goals.

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Healthy living in college