Jones talks football tactics

Rachel Sullivan, Reporter

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The USA Alumni Association and Alabama Power hosted the annual Joey Jones Luncheon at the football field house on Oct. 20. The event catered to 72 alumni and friends who shared a meal with football head coach Joey Jones, offensive coordinator Richard Owens and co-defensive coordinator Kane Wommack.

Jones began the event with his gameplan for the homecoming game against the University of Louisiana-Monroe.

“We understand that these guys can come in and they can beat us, and we have to be ready for that,” Jones said.

Jones referenced the win against Troy, saying that it was the defense that won the game.

“We’re playing really good football right now,” Jones said. “Last year we had a lot of defensive line injuries. This year we came in smiling because we were ready to have them play.”

Offensive coordinator Richard Owens spoke on the role the offensive line must take this season in following through with what the defensive line provides, as well as continuing to improve from past games.

“We need to rip the rearview mirror off, look forward, and move on from the past,” Owens said.

Owens addressed this week’s quarterback switch, and explained that they have the utmost confidence in this decision.

“We have two great quarterbacks,” Owens said. “This week we were struggling so we brought in the other. Dallas [Davis] will be the starting one from here on. Cole [Garvin] will be on deck and ready to play when we need him.”

Owens also confirmed that Xavier Johnson, running back, has healed from a recent injury.

“Xavier Johnson is ready to roll,” Owens said. “He’s looking great and ready to run. We want him to be a playmaker for us.”

Co-defensive coordinator Kane Wommack shared the defensive line’s three “Keys to Victory” for the ULM game. First, “destroy their run game.” ULM is 80 percent run, which Wommack said is to South’s advantage. Second, “create eight or more game changers.” Game changers can be takeaways, sacks, 3 and outs, etc. Wommack explained that this makes a way for our offense to move forward. Third, “dominate situational downs.”

Wommack also said that limitation is a key strategy to the defensive line.

“No defensive lineman plays more than 40 snaps per game,” Wommack said. “Normally you see players doing 65 to 70, but not with our guys.”

The luncheon provided the opportunity for alumni to interact with coaches and players before the homecoming game.

“These are our most loyal supporters here today,” Karen Edwards said, from Alumni Relations. “They always come and support.”

Edwards also expressed gratitude to Alabama Power for hosting the event.

“They host it every year,” Edwards said. “They always represent themselves at events and remain supportive of the program.”

The USA football team played ULM on Oct. 21, and proved these strategies successful when they won 33-23. To keep up with the rest of the season, go to

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