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Students question safety

Shots were fired at building 13 of The Grove apartments on Thursday, March 8.

Shots were fired at building 13 of The Grove apartments on Thursday, March 8.

Briana Cunningham

Briana Cunningham

Shots were fired at building 13 of The Grove apartments on Thursday, March 8.

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The recent shooting at The Grove apartments has left some residents of The Grove wondering whether or not they are safe in their own apartments.

“Honestly, I’ve never felt safe there and this just makes me and a lot of other people feel worse,” one resident, who preferred to stay anonymous, said. “I do not feel that The Grove has created a safe environment. I can’t tell you how scared I get walking from my car to the apartment at night, especially when there are huge crowds standing in the middle of the street that will yell at me and try to get a reaction out of me.”

A common complaint among residents is the occurrence of individuals and groups of people lingering outside at night. An anonymous resident said she been a victim of theft several times at The Grove.  

“My car has been broken into three times since I’ve lived there,” another resident said.

According to the residents interviewed, the safety at The Grove has never been ideal. They report that The Grove has repeatedly ignored complaints and cries for better security.

“I’ve called the USAPD multiple times and have filled out many surveys about the safety at The Grove,” said an anonymous resident.  “I say the same thing, I don’t feel safe. I don’t think it’s going to improve because they only care about filling up the apartments, not about our safety. Or at least that’s how they make me feel.”

However, some residents argue that The Grove is relatively safe but succumbs to property-related crimes. Brandon Lyman, a three year resident, said he feels safe but can understand the unease.

“I can see why many would say no [to feeling safe] due to the main gate of The Grove is always open,” Lyman said. “The drop gate never goes down unless there is an incident in which police are being called.”

Yulonsky Mitchell Jr., a second year resident of The Grove, could not recall the gate being locked any time this school year.    

The Grove does seem to be taking steps towards rectifying this situation. The gate was locked March 9.

Carleigh Lloyd, another resident, said  the issue lies more in self-protection rather than the fault of The Grove.

“I would feel safer living there if I was allowed to carry [a gun],” Lloyd said. “The university disarming its students puts us in a vulnerable position.”

For Mitchell, a second year resident of The Grove, the answer is to avoid The Grove altogether.

“It is horrible,” Mitchell said. “It’s so bad I’m leaving May 6 and don’t mind paying my lease up until July. I don’t care what deals and perks they tell you, do not move here.”

If you have any information that could be helpful in the investigation, contact USAPD at 251-460-6312 or text 251-219-0219.

At approximately 12:30 p.m. on Friday, March 9, The Vanguard asked The Grove’s management office when they locked their gate.  A representative at the front office said the gate was locked every night and referred The Vanguard to her manager. The manager said that they could not speak to The Vanguard and said she would pass our contact information along to district management.  The Vanguard has not heard from The Grove’s district management at the time of publication.

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  1. Grove resident on March 13th, 2018 9:49 am

    The Grove doesn’t have our safety in mind, my roommates and I checked to see what our lease contracts say about the gate to see if the Grove had violated the contract. What we found really got our blood boiling. According to our contracts the Grove has no responsibility to make sure that gate works, and they can take it down or shut it down as they see fit. Secondly the gate isn’t there for resident safety. According to our contract that gate is there to protect Grove property. It says in our contract that the Grove isn’t responsible for our safety. So I guess the night of the shooting they were trying to make the gate work so they could protect their property? Or were they covering their own rear ends before they got sued? I asked the manager when I came home the other day why did they wait until after someone got shot to make our gate work. (The gate hasn’t worked since I moved in back in August and it didn’t work before then either, roommates have both lived in the Grove for 2 years before I did.) The manager (who has been incredibly rude anytime we have brought something to her) told me that the gate has always worked. (A bold faced lie) My response was that it hasn’t been functional since the day that I moved in and why they were scrambling to make the gate work literally 30 minutes after the shooting happened rather than notifying their residents on what had happened and making sure no one else was injured.

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Students question safety