Student spotlight: Jane

One USA student has experienced the reality of being a stripper firsthand.

Kenyan Carter

One USA student has experienced the reality of being a stripper firsthand.

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College students often joke about becoming a stripper out of desperation, but what is the reality of being a stripper? While many students will find jobs in the food and retail industry to make ends meet, some students are finding success as strippers.

A student at the University of South Alabama came forward with her story of working at a local adult entertainment club. To protect the student’s identity, we will refer to her as Jane.

Jane began dancing when she was 20 years old so she could pay for her pet’s healthcare. “There were a lot of factors in why I started dancing,” Jane said. “What really made me do it was when I adopted my dog and found out her heartworm treatment was really expensive. I started dancing to pay off her medication.”

It has been two years since Jane started stripping. She remembers being anxious the first time she went on stage.

“I was super nervous,” Jane said. “I sat and watched the other girls dance on stage for at least two hours before I did my audition to see what I should be doing.”

However, Jane said when the music started however her jitters subsided.

“Once I got up there, I didn’t worry as much though,” Jane said. “I felt awesome.”

Jane believes one of the biggest perks to being a stripper is the money. She said she rarely comes home with less than $500 a night.

“The most I’ve made in one night is $3,000,” Jane said.

For college students often working minimum wage jobs, unpaid internships and dealing with the rising cost of tuition, quick money is the can be tempting. However, stripping is a controversial career choice. Jane kept her job a secret from relatives to prevent judgment and conflict.

“At first I didn’t tell any of my family because I had an idea of how
they would respond,” Jane said.

Her parents did eventually learn the truth while she was home over winter break.

“It didn’t go well,” Jane said. “Since then, they have been told I do not dance anymore and that I’m working in a restaurant. Ignorance, on their part, is bliss.”

Jane believes that strippers should stop being stereotyped and wants to shine a light on the sisterhood it can cultivate.

“We’re working really hard to make our voices heard in major cities where the girls aren’t being treated with any respect from neither the staff, nor the customers,” Jane said. “The girls have really begun reaching out to each other and the feminist movement among us is gaining with each day.”

Like any other job, Jane recommends doing some research for students considering stripping.

“Any girl who thinks they might want to try dancing should follow some dancers on Instagram,” Jane said. “Read through their tips and tricks and complaints. Watch YouTube videos on basic dancing and buy some shoes and you’re ready!”

Jane said the financial freedom she gains from stripping builds her self-esteem. “I love the empowerment I feel from dressing up and making my rent for the next three months and I think you would, too,” Jane said.

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