College sugar baby

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College sugar baby

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To finance their college education, one University of South Alabama student attempted an unusual means of making money: seeking a sugar daddy.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, a sugar daddy is a rich, older man who gives money, gifts, etc., to someone in exchange for sex, friendship, etc. The person receiving the money is called a sugar baby.

A sophomore student at USA became a sugar baby and came forward with her experience. To protect the student’s anonymity, she will be called Madison.

“I knew there were people who were willing to shed some money,” Madison said. “So, I wanted to take advantage of that.”

Madison created an account on a website last year which matches would-be sugar daddies with sugar babies. In her profile description, she stated she only preferred a companionship and mentor-like relationship but no sexual intimacy.

“One of my friends made $2,000 off of just a date,” Madison said. “So I figured ‘why not?’”

Madison matched and met with a wealthy man in his mid-sixties. After texting for two days, They met up at a coffee shop.

“He was really smart and laid back,” Madison said. “He told me he was a sugar daddy because he wanted to be around youthful energy. He told me he travels a lot for his job.”

Madison said the meeting was very casual.

“We were outside and in the public, so I wasn’t really nervous,” She said. The sugar daddy did offer to take things further during the date, but Madison declined.

“He asked me to travel with him, and that he would pay for me to go shopping around,” Madison said. “I said I couldn’t, because school is my priority and I knew that meant we’d have to get sexual, which wasn’t what I wanted.”

Madison and the sugar daddy stopped contacting each other afterwards, but she states he did give her $50 for meeting him. Madison said she personally wouldn’t seek a sugar daddy again because few of them are strictly looking for friendship, but acknowledges it’s a quick and easy way to make money.

“If you’re considering being a sugar baby, always do your meetings in public places during the daytime,” Madison said. “Know what you want going in because these guys are older and you don’t want to get taken advantage of.

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