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The winner of Mega Musical Chairs will get to choose the chairity that will receive all the proceeds from the event.

The winner of Mega Musical Chairs will get to choose the chairity that will receive all the proceeds from the event.

Briana Cunningham

Briana Cunningham

The winner of Mega Musical Chairs will get to choose the chairity that will receive all the proceeds from the event.

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The sixth annual Mega Musical Chairs event at the University of South Alabama is scheduled for Friday, April 13. This on-campus event at USA raises awareness for charities around the world.

“The event is just as it sounds; it is a huge game of musical chairs, but the winner of the game decides where to send 100 percent of the proceeds raised throughout the year to any accredited, nonprofit charity of his or her choice,” MMC Director Reed Miller said. “The ideology behind the fundraiser is to underscore an understanding that adversity and exploitation are ongoing international problems.”

MMC began in 2010 when two USA undergraduate students, Raj Paladugu and Arjun Jadhav, thought of a way to support and raise funds for the Haitian earthquake victims. Since 2010, the event has grown to involve dozens of charities and organizations from around the world. Last year, the event hosted approximately 300 competitors and raised over $5,000 for the winner’s charity, Family Promise of Coastal Alabama.

For this sixth annual event, the MMC executive board, consisting of Reed Miller, Juan Pardo, Aly Nguyen, Emily Cleveland and Rula Al-Awazzi, has worked to develop what Miller called “the biggest and best event yet.” They wanted to build around the experience of MMC by including carnival games, door prizes, guest speakers and a horror movie themed event. MMC is planning a Jason and Friday the 13th theme for this year’s event.

“As an executive board, we also hope the ideology of this tradition is absorbed by the participants, causing them to develop a more well-rounded understanding of obstacles faced by those around the world,” Miller said. “By affecting one person, ripple effects may reach others, ultimately proving that each person’s attendance, contribution, and desire to improve society matters.”

Currently, the MMC board is asking students, faculty and staff to purchase a $5 ticket for the event. This ticket covers participation in the game, a t-shirt and food. A ticket booth will be open in the Student Center Mall on campus from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every week day from April 9-13. They are also accepting donations through their Venmo account @USAMMC.

“This year we are hoping to bring out more people than ever and raise awareness about charities across the world,” Cleveland said. “We will be having a DJ, carnival games, food from Boiling Pot and of course a game of musical chairs!”

“This year we hope to continue the tradition of Mega Musical Chairs as a staple event on campus,” Miller said. “Through this event, not only do we aim to raise proceeds for a charitable organization, but we also hope to spread awareness of the other represented charities. As a result, MMC can help support local, national and international foundations supporting all walks of life facing adversity.”

MMC is scheduled for Friday, April 13 in the Student Center Amphitheatre at 5 p.m. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased in the Student Center Mall all week or through Venmo. For more information and updates on this event, follow the event 2018 MMC on Facebook.

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