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Mock mass casualty drill

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Physician assistant and nursing students received emergency response during a mock mass casualty drill at the University of South Assistant Director of USA Simulation Program Lori Moore said the drill was designed to train future medical professionals on how to deal with mass casualty events and how to treat disaster victims and their family members.

“We are learning in the event of a disaster how would we perform as nurses and we are working interprofessionally with the PA students,” USA nursing student Carole Aomo said. “In an event,should it occur, how would we apply our skill in helping the people surrounding us and in the environment to make sure everybody is taking care of and seen and the correct medical attention is associated with each person.”

Mason Morris, a physician assistant studies program student, said he was grateful for the chance to
learn how to control his emotions in a high-stress situation. “This type of training is invaluable in our education,” Morris said. “Were learning how to handle our emotions in these sorts of incidents.”

The drill consisted of three stages.

In the first stage, trained actors portrayed as victims of a mass casualty as PA and nursing students traiged the wounded and assessed their need medical need.In the second stage, students provided care for the critically ill,such as CPR, advanced cardiac life support and fluid resuscitation.

Aomo said her patient was a 19-year-old African-American male who had received a gunshot wound to the neck.“We were trying to give him the best care possible,” Aomo said.

In the final stage of the drill,instructors debriefed and gave feedback to students on how they performed.

USA Simulation Program Director Dr. Mike Jacobs came up with the idea for the drill so students would have a pilot to teach them, according to Lori Moore, assistant director of USA Simulation Pro-

“This situation was high energy,fast, it was like nothing we have

done before,” Aomo said. “It’s not an environment that we picture ourselves ever being in and we wouldn’t know what to do in a situation like this had we not had this simulation. This simulation was
amazing because not everybody wants to be in that high-power, high-energy situation, or critical
situation, and even if you don’t want to be in it doesn’t mean you won’t be in it.”

Moore said USA has never had a simulation of this size with as many standardized patients, faculty and
staff and students.

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Mock mass casualty drill