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Graduating seniors nest in Mobile

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Around 1400 students will grad- uate from the University of South Alabama on May 5, according to USA’s Registrar o ce. is new chapter will lead many students away from Mobile. However, there are others who want to make a life for themselves here.
What makes Mobile so appealing to recent graduates?

Mobile natives Samantha Borden, Laura Simison and Brie Strick- land all share a love for the port city. Borden said close proximity
to family and friends is part of Mobile’s appeal but the port city’s diversity and growing job market accounts for the rest.

Mobile welcomes individuals from all walks of life, accordingto Borden. She enjoys the cultural variety the city o ers, the beauti- ful nature and the small-city vibe. Events like 1065, Mardi Gras and Christmas Tree lightings bring the community together, Borden said.
Borden is graduating with a degree in business management and wants a career that provides her with an opportunity to give back to Mobile.

“In ten years I would love to own a non-pro t business to bene t our homeless population in Mobile,”Borden said.

Simison said Mobile is the ideal city to live in because residents can travel to various cities quickly. Her favorites are New Orleans, Fairhope and Biloxi.

“Mobile is the kind of city that is small enough to see people you know around town but big enough that there are always people to get to know,” Simison said.

Simison is a foreign language major with a concentration in French and international relations. She said she plans to work in law enforcement upon graduation.

Strickland recently began a job she loves in human resources and will continue to work there after graduation.

“There are so many di erent sides to Mobile,” Strickland said. “ ere’s suburban west Mobile, rural Midtown, historic downtown and in certain places it almost feels like you’re in a di erent country.”

In the future, Strickland hopes to use her degree in human resource management while working for a company she can be proud of. She wants to start a family and be active in her social, spiritual and profes- sional communities.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in Mobile if you know where to look, according to these seniors.

“I think too many people get it in their head that there’s nothing to do here in this little Alabama city, but it’s constantly growing and changing,” Strickland said.

Borden, Simison and Strickland recommend connecting with the community by learning about Mo- bile’s history, joining organizations and exploring the city.

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Graduating seniors nest in Mobile